What Benefits Do Newer Roofing Systems Provide?

Homeowners are always looking for ways to improve their properties in ways that add value. Modern roofing systems do just that. In addition to providing protection from the elements that every home needs, today’s roofing products do more to enhance a property’s look. Even if you’re not considering placing your home on the market in the near future, that increased curb appeal makes any property more pleasant to come home to. In addition, new roofing provides other benefits as well. How is that possible?

  • New materials add depth and shadowing effects to the roof. Rather than the rather flat look provided by traditional three-tab shingles, new shingle designs are heavier, adding dimension. Metal roofing options should also be considered, as they tend to last far longer than most shingles. In the past, metal roofing certainly did little to enhance the looks of a home, but today’s styles are a far cry from the early days of metal roofing. Other materials, such as tile, slate, and cedar shakes, are also great options for some homes. Our experts can discuss the various options with you to determine which type of material would provide the best investment.
  • Sound roofing protects your home’s interior areas. While that may seem obvious, many older roof designs were inherently flawed. That means during inclement weather water would find paths allowing it to damage wood decking and other structural components. Many times, the damage would not be readily visible, meaning significant problems could result before anyone was even aware of the damage existing. Once your new roofing system, using the best materials available, is installed, many of those potential leaks are avoided.
  • Of course, every family sees their home as a refuge that is comfortable no matter what the weather outside is doing. That comfort level is enhanced when a new roofing system is installed. Ventilation helps to keep interior environmental conditions comfortable. Many older, and even a lot of newer, homes were not constructed with the level of ventilation recommended. DENNIS & SONS Roofing professionals carefully review your home’s current ventilation and suggest strategies to improve it. 

What Choices Do Homeowners Have?

Obviously, not every roof needs to be replaced. If your roof needs only minor repairs to keep it sound for a few more years, that’s what we’ll recommend. However, once any roofing material becomes too deteriorated, we’ll also suggest it be replaced with a new system that will provide the protection your home needs. Of course, we also suggest routine inspections to stay on top of any developing conditions. That’s always a good idea, as it means you’ll always know the condition of your roof and if the time to replace it is approaching.

Since every home is different, each one will have slightly different roofing needs. That’s why it’s important to discuss your options with a professional prior to making any type of roofing decisions. Our team will evaluate your current roof, determine if repairs are appropriate, and discuss the options available. That means you’ll always have the information needed to make quality decisions related to your roofing system.

Our New Roof and Roof Repair Specialties in Bucks and Montgomery County include:

We are Certified Experts with the Following Materials:

  • Asphault Shingles
  • Sheet Metal ( Hand Formed and Prefabricated)
  • Built-up Roofing/EPDM/TPO
  • Elastomeric Roofing
  • Tile and Slate
  • Cedar Shake Roofing