Roof Consulting

Most property owners in Bucks and Montgomery counties know that it’s important to take care of their roofs. When something is obviously wrong, they start calling roofers. Unfortunately, not all licensed roofers have their clients’ best interests in mind. That’s where roof consulting comes in.

What Is Roof Consulting?

Roof consultants are industry experts who make it their mission to help building owners make informed decisions about their roofs. All roof consultants have advanced knowledge and expertise about different roofing systems, but only some of them offer repair and installation services. That’s not the primary job of a consultant. A consultant’s job is to act as an advocate for his or her client to ensure that the property owner’s best interests are respected.

Roof Consulting Services

When they hire Roof Consulting services Bucks county property owners can expect to get objective advice. Since these professionals aren’t trying to sell them anything, there’s no reason to doubt whether they have their clients’ best interests in mind. Protecting clients’ interests requires a wide range of services. They include:

  • Roof inspections and surveys
  • Leak analyses
  • Developing specifications for roof replacement
  • Providing quality assurance inspections during roof installations
  • Construction consulting
  • Customized roof management plans
  • Help with managing insurance claims
  • Contractor bid oversight
  • Design services
  • Moisture surveys
  • Expert witness services
  • And more

Roof consultants work with both residential and commercial building owners. They have all the same knowledge and experience as industry-leading roofers, but none of the potentially confounding business interests. A consultant’s only job is to help clients protect their investments and ensure that they are making sound choices regarding roof repairs and new installations.

When to Hire a Roof Consultant

There’s no wrong time for property owners to hire a roof consultant. That said, these experts’ services are more valuable at some times than others. Here are a few of the top reasons property owners choose to work with dedicated roof consultants:

  • Buying a New Home – Buying a new home can be both exciting and stressful. Potential buyers need to protect their interests by ensuring that the home is in good shape and won’t need immediate roof repairs. An independent roofing contractor can perform a full inspection and inform his or her client of any damage.
  • Assessing Roof Damage – If a roof is damaged during a storm, property owners will have to choose between making repairs and having it replaced. It can be difficult to determine the best course of action, especially when some roofers are more interested in making money than helping their clients. A roof consultant can perform an assessment and offer expert, unbiased advice about whether the roof should be repaired or replaced.
  • Managing Bids From Roofing Contractors – Experts recommend requesting multiple bids before deciding on a roofing contractor. Property owners who aren’t familiar with industry standards often have a hard time evaluating those bids, though. Roofing consultants can assist with bid management, explaining what each contractor is proposing and evaluating offers to help clients make the right choice.
  • Quality Assurance Roof Inspections – Improper installation is the number one cause of premature roof failures. While reputable roofing contractors always perform quality assurance inspections as they work, property owners may feel better if they can get an objective analysis of how the project is progressing. A roof consultant can monitor the installation process and ensure that all the work is being done according to the manufacturer’s specifications and industry best standards.
  • Leak Analysis – Leaky roofs can cause a lot of damage if they are left unaddressed. Many roofing contractors will suggest a roof replacement without even determining where the leak is originating, but not every leaky roof needs to be replaced. Property owners can trust roof consultants to perform a full analysis to identify the source of the leak precisely and offer a full range of repair recommendations. Consultants can also perform building envelope analyses.
  • Storm Preparations – Pennsylvania is not known for its mild weather. The good news is, property owners typically have some advanced notice before a storm rolls through. That gives them time to prepare. Hiring a roof consultant to evaluate potential weak points and recommend emergency actions that could be taken in preparation can prevent unnecessary and expensive storm damage.
  • Establishing Custom Maintenance Plans – Commercial building owners almost always work with roof consultants to develop maintenance plans that fit their buildings’ needs. With the help of custom Roof Consulting services Montgomery county business owners can develop a maintenance plan that will extend the roof’s longevity, prevent premature wear, and reduce the chances of unexpected system failures.
  • Expert Witness Services – It’s rare for property owners to require litigation to resolve disputes about roofing warranties or insurance, but not unheard of. Roof consultants can provide expert witness services when issues arise that must be taken to court. They can also provide documentation to insurance companies.

Roof Consultants vs. Roofing Contractors

Roof consultants and roofing contractors have similar training and areas of expertise, but they play different roles in the roof maintenance process. Consultants have the knowledge and training required to repair and install roofs, but that’s not their specialty. Instead, they act as advocates and go-betweens.

Contractors, like consultants, know how to perform basic inspections, though they may not have the level of advanced industry knowledge associated with roof consulting services. The difference is, they aren’t getting paid to save their clients money. They make their living repairing and installing roofs, so they sometimes make recommendations that go against property owners’ best interests financially.

Hiring a consultant rarely eliminates the need for hiring roofing contractors. The consultants work with the contractors, overseeing the bidding process and the roofing project to ensure that property owners are getting their money’s worth.

What to Look for in a Roof Consultant

Choosing a roof consultant is a lot like choosing a contractor. Property owners need to find an expert who has a roofing license and plenty of industry experience. Here are a few things to look for when choosing a consultant:

  • Experience with consulting vs. construction and repairs
  • A history of success with helping clients resolve similar problems
  • Good reviews from other property owners
  • Industry accreditations and referrals
  • Good communication and transparent pricing
  • Ability to provide comprehensive answers to clients’ questions

Some consultants specialize in working with commercial clients or inspecting flat roof systems. Others provide more general services. Feel free to ask questions and interview multiple candidates. It’s the best way to ensure that the consultant will be a good fit for the job.

Frequently Asked Questions About Roof Consulting Services

Figuring out how best to allocate funds for roof maintenance and repairs can be tricky. It makes good sense to learn as much as possible before hiring either a consultant or a roofer. To that end, property owners can read on to find answers to some of their peers’ most frequently asked questions about specialized roof consulting services.

Looking for a Roof Consultant? Dennis and Sons Can Help

Dennis and Sons Contracting offers specialized roof consulting services. These experts have years of industry experience, so they know exactly what to look for. Their only priorities are to help clients ensure that their roofs are well-maintained and their financial interests are protected.