Roof Repairs and Maintenance

Bucks and Montgomery County residents contend with weather challenges throughout the year. Summertime humidity, frigid winters, and ample precipitation make it necessary for people to stay prepared. Roofs experience these same environmental conditions, and the need to keep them strong and maintained is what ensures the entire house stays safe. At Dennis and Sons Contracting, our team has helped home and businesses keep their properties protected since 1909. Our clients rely on our full roofing services, valuable warranties, and more.

Inspect for Required Roof Repairs

A full professional roof inspection should take place whenever a property changes hands and following any extreme weather events. The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends that property owners perform at least a self-check on their roofs twice a year. Additional inspections should occur if any concern arises. A variety of warning signs may cause these concerns.

  • Homeowners find shingles on the lawn around the home.
  • Residents notice signs of water damage, like peeling paint or wallpaper, inside the house.
  • Grit appears in gutter downspouts and could signal a breakdown of asphalt shingles.
  • The appearance of mold, algae or moss becomes noticeable across the roof.
  • Flashing seems loose or pieces go missing after a windstorm.
  • A sizeable tree branch lands on or near the roof.
  • Rodents begin to enter the home from somewhere on the roof.

Establish a Schedule for Roof Repairs and Maintenance

Property owners that want annual inspections from a professional can establish a regular maintenance schedule that includes a complete roof inspection. Spring and fall roof inspections in Bucks and Montgomery counties prevent unexpected problems and help property owners to avoid many emergency repairs.

  • An inspection in the spring will look for any damage that may have resulted from the weather extremes that took place during winter. A second inspection in late fall will reassure homeowners their roof is winter-ready.
  • Maintenance appointments help to keep the roof clean, safe and may extend the life of the roofing materials. Regular maintenance makes it possible to resolve any problems before water leakage occurs. Even a small leak can cause extensive damage to the roof and inside the house. Inspections enable roofers to reattach loose shingles or replace damaged ones.
  • The repair or replacement of shingles is not all an inspection will enable a roofer to correct. Homeowners may not realize their roof has loose flashing or that unsealed gaps exist. People cannot always see the problems from the ground, and most homeowners will not feel safe climbing onto their roof to check for these types of issues. A roofing technician can provide a list of any damage found during the inspection and provide a price quote before the maintenance work begins.

Roof Repairs and Maintenance Services

A full roofing company will offer comprehensive roof repairs and replacements. Minor roof repairs are common needs for residential and commercial properties. Newer roofs, just like older roofs, may need some repair each year. Damage can occur during storms from a fallen tree branch, heavy winds, or damaging hail. A prior installation of a faulty set of shingles may cause a need for a section of new shingles. These types of tasks are basic repairs and resolving them soon after they begin helps the homeowner to avoid future expenses.

Recommendations for a roof replacement occur when extensive wear or damage exists across a large part of the roof. The type of work performed during a roof replacement can vary, based on the age of the home and the condition of the existing roof. Some replacements may include the removal of the shingles and the replacement of underlying structural materials. Customers should expect to receive a detailed quote for the materials and labor the job requires, so they understand what the job will entail and how long the process will take.

Expect Customer Care

Roofing services should involve clear communication about pricing, and attention to the safety of the people and property during any project. Responsible roofers do all they can to keep their work areas safe. Expect protection of the surrounding landscape, complete clean-up after the work ends, and much more.

There will always be some interruptions to the people in and around the building due to the noise and ongoing work. Commercial customers should discuss their concerns about possible interruptions so the contractor can minimize the distractions and avoid any loss of business. Homeowners should discuss what schedules work best for them based on their work hours and needs.

Consider Other Home Maintenance

It is common for issues to arise with other exterior materials at the same time as a roof replacement becomes necessary. Many homeowners or builders install all exterior materials at the same time. Since all the material experiences the same exposure to the environment they will often degrade at the same time. An inspection that finds enough concerns with the roof for the contractor to recommend replacement could mean it is also time to inspect the rest of the exterior for potential problems.

Make Some Upgrades to your Roof

A new roof can help to make a home more attractive, safer, and energy-efficient. The same benefits take place when people replace outdated windows and doors on their property.  Older doors and windows may allow drafts and water leaks to compromise the comfort and safety of the home. Even if the doors and windows pass inspection and do not appear to have any maintenance issues, they may lack the energy efficiency of modern versions. Updated windows and doors offer energy savings and they instantly add curb appeal to any home. The value of the property can increase along with its desirability to property buyers.

Property owners that want to upgrade an older building may want to consider the benefits of new siding. Upgraded siding does not only make a building look fresh and better maintained, but it protects the entire structure from pests, water, wind, and airborne debris. Modern siding may also offer a boost in energy efficiency that older siding cannot provide.

Replacement of the siding can change the appearance of the property and enable it to blend with any surrounding buildings or houses, or to fit in better with the landscape. Updated siding can also make a dated home look younger and more modern. Some siding choices even make a home or business more resistant to termites and fires. The options when shopping for siding include vinyl, wood, and stucco, and fiber-cement. The range of styles and colors makes it easy for every homeowner to get the look they prefer.

Property owners instantly benefit when they invest in a new roof and other exterior components. The right products will protect the property for decades. Commercial and residential customers will appreciate the open communication, comprehensive quotes, and attention to detail they get when they work with us. At Dennis and Sons Contracting, we offer reliability, expert service, and quality materials on every job. Our 100+ years of experience in Bucks and Montgomery counties enables us to help our customers make the best choice for their needs and the climate.