Replacement Windows and Doors

Two of the most important features of any home are the windows and doors. They have functions that can seem contradictory. Windows and doors can simultaneously:

  • Let in light and air even as they create boundaries
  • Add character to a home while being energy efficient
  • Keep a home safe and cozy

Benefits of Replacement Windows and Doors

Like any feature of a home, windows and doors can wear out, lose their efficiency, or even become a hazard. Replacing windows and doors can give your home a much needed “facelift,” and can keep your home functioning better. For example:

  • New windows and doors contain properties that make them more energy efficient. This makes it easier to keep temperatures at optimal levels because there are fewer drafts.
  • The glass used in windows and some outside doors can help block out the sun’s harmful rays to protect your flooring and furniture. Low-E (low emissivity) glass coatings on newer windows help reduce heat transfer and ultraviolet rays that can fade carpets, paint jobs, and furniture.
  • Thanks to improved design and performance that enhances sound proofing, new replacement windows can block out noise from the street or that pool party next door.
  • New doors and windows can really make your house stand out. The options available today allow you to make your home distinctive as well as comfortable.

Why Replace Your Windows And Doors?

If you are on the fence about replacing your windows or doors, ask yourself some questions:

  1. Do your windows or doors open and close easily? Or, do you have an elaborate routine that allows you to “ease” them open?
  2. Are your rooms comfortable? Rooms can feel chilly and dry in cold weather and overheated in warmer weather. Often the cause can be old, single-pane windows or doors that do not close completely.
  3. Is there an issue—such as rot on either window or door frames, sagging casement windows, fogged double-pane glass, or hard-to-find replacement hardware—that detracts from the appearance or the efficacy of your doors or windows?

You might want to start looking into solutions to these problems.

Dennis & Sons Construction can help you select window and door solutions that can make your home more comfortable. New materials help keep your home well insulated. In addition to being cost effective, the materials used in windows and doors make it easier to clean and maintain. Contact us today to request a quote.